This is how in 2019 Mariatta Diarra, a woman born in 1961 and illiterate, decided to go on the journey of learning to exercise her rights as a citizen.

There is a high level of understanding and appreciation of Adaptive Management, and the method has already provided valuable opportunities for grantees, the study concludes.

As the National Education Coalition in Guinea has grown stronger and further developed its advocacy capacity, policy makers are now more prone to be receptive to the coalition’s views and insights.

Accountability Research Center (ARC) is one of four new global EOL learning partners. Through action-oriented research, they will work to provide the data and knowledge that will support the CSOs in their education advocacy work.

As previously announced, the GPE Board of Directors has approved an extension of Education Out Loud. This will allow current EOL grantees and a few new applicants to submit proposals for new EOL funding.

When OC3 alliances met to share their main learnings so far, the overall take away was, that If you want to achieve results in transnational advocacy, you must start nationally. Read why and how the alliances work to achieve this.

After two years of advocacy efforts the transnational advocacy capacity building project, TRANAC, can count three notable successes in improving legislation and policies on Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE).

Read the summary of the findings and recommendations on how application of adaptive management can be improved in implementation of the EOL project.

In the strive to eliminate gender-based violence in schools, CLADE has launched an initiative to change practices through the communities, building on local evidence, and to understand how gender-based violence is expressed in rural contexts.

Read how a sector-wide approach to inform planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, is helping the country to provide assistance that emphasizes strengthening national ownership and building a nationally-managed system in education.