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Global Campaign for Education

The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) Campaigns and Advocacy Initiatives aims to create a stronger global and transnational enabling environment for national civil society advocacy and transparency efforts. Education Out Loud EOL approved the OC3 programme in November 2020.


Citizen Monitoring of Transparency and Accountability in Education (SCORE)

SCORE, funded by Education Out Loud, contributes to improving the quality of basic education services provided in public schools through better use and allocation of resources, as well as reducing corruption and misappropriation of funds in the education sector. To this end, SCORE promotes the engagement and strengthening of CSOs and community-based school management structures (CBSS) in monitoring and improving the transparency and accountability of education services.

Young members of civil society deliberating on meaningful engagement with education stakeholders.

Reframing Education Accountability in Pakistan (REAP)

Through REAP, we will strengthen capacity of the civil society to effectively engage with the government and participate in promoting policy solutions compatible with local reality. At the same time, we will also work with the government to create space where government officials welcome and celebrate enhanced role of civil society in improving education. We will employ an innovative and comprehensive approach which, on one hand engages the civil society actors, and on the other involves public officials.

Photo credit: CYAN

MultiplY-Ed: Youth-led, Multi-sectoral and Multi-level approach to monitoring education in the time of COVID19

This project aims to create a platform for social accountability to improve transparency, participation, and accountability in various levels of education governance through Youth-Led Multi-sectoral and Multi-Level approach to monitoring government education policy and service-delivery in addressing the education needs of the Filipino Youth, especially of marginalized youth sub-sectors whose access to quality education are most at risk in the time of the pandemic.

Picture: Young Girl in School – Credit: Helping Our People Excel, Inc.

Educate HER: Promoting Gender Equity and Equality in Education in Liberia

Educate HER is a stand-alone project focused on ensuring the effective implementation of the National Policy on Girls Education in Liberia. The vision of the project is for all girls to have access to safe, quality education in Liberia and the project advocates for the effective implementation of the National Policy on Girls’ Education (NPGE) in Liberia by 2023.

Election of the student government. January 14 School; Presto municipality; Quechua region.

Intra/inter-culturality, Multilingualism, and de-patriarchialisation of education policies

The project financed by Education Out Loud will articulate and expand voices, learnings, and proposals from organizations and social actors so that authorities will establish clear pedagogic guidelines and assign sufficient funding to apply interculturality, multilingualism, and gender equity principles in public schools, especially in regions where native indigenous population identifies itself as Aymara, Quechua, and Guarani.


Transnational Networks Advocacy Capacity strengthened for improved ECDE legislation, policies and measures in Southern Africa (TRANAC)

Implementing a transnational advocacy capacity building project which seeks to develop stronger and vibrant Early Child Development and Education (ECDE) in southern Africa, the strengthened CSO's will engage in transnational advocacy to make governments in Southern Africa more transparent and accountable to their citizens on ECDE issues.

Girls Not Brides

Strengthening collective action to end child marriage, keep girls in school and advance gender equality in West Africa

Child marriage is one of the main factors leading girls to drop out of school in many low-income countries; and keeping girls in school is one of the best ways to prevent child marriage.


The TaxEd Alliance

The goal of the project is to sustainably increase the domestic financing of public education systems so developing country governments can achieve SDG4. Our Alliance will enable civil society partners to contribute to a more strategic dialogue on domestic financing, linking particularly with Ministries of Finance and Education, Members of Parliament and other actors.


The South Asian Assessment Alliance: Communicating and Collaborating for Change

Assessment is a powerful political tool: if people are able to measure what affects their lives, they are able to represent themselves, and reach across communities, countries and continents to identify, communicate, create constituencies and catalyse change.