Reporting Misconduct and Whistleblowing

As grant agent of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Education Out Loud managed by Oxfam Denmark is responsible for funds as provided by GPE and in compliance with its policies, makes the following options available for raising concerns to include reporting misconduct. A dedicated e-mail address is provided for this – – as well as on online portal described further below.

The stakeholder is any person or party to the programme who wishes to raise a concern.

Concerns regarding misconduct in the EOL programme, among its management, staff, and grant recipients can be raised in the following three ways:

Openly: The stakeholder does not require confidentiality and can contact EOL’s internal auditor through the above e-mail address.

Confidentially: The stakeholder gives its name on condition that it is not disclosed without its consent. The entry point is here the same e-mail address by which the EOL’s internal auditor is reached.

Anonymously: The stakeholder does not reveal its name at all. Anonymous reporting is possible through the electronic whistle blowing tool as provided by Oxfam Denmark, part of the Oxfam confederation. Oxfam Denmark is the organisation managing the EOL fund on the behalf of GPE.

When reporting anonymously, consider the following:

It is your right to report your concerns anonymously. In certain circumstances and for specific reasons, this may feel like the most appropriate -or safest- way of reporting. However, we do want to inform you that anonymous reporting might impact on our ability to respond optimally to your concerns due to not having enough information. With your contact details we can check the details of the concerns with you to enable us to take action and we can check on your well-being and offer support should you require this. Therefore, we would encourage you to only use anonymous reporting as your final, least preferred option. Instead, we ask you to share your contact details and you can indicate your wish that this information will be known to the misconduct reporting team only. Your wellbeing and peace of mind is very important to us and we will respect your wish. However, when reporting anonymously, please do provide as many other details as possible. Any information you provide to Oxfam will be treated as confidential.

Please try your best to leave a contact method, thank you.