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Every six months a Technical Progress Report is submitted to GPE. The first report covers all of the active months last year April – December 2019.

E-Net Philippines

E-Net is one of the education advocacy coalitions awarded with one of the first EOL grants. It unites the forces of organizations and groups working to secure protection and education for all Philippine children and youth.

Cheickh Mbow COSYDEP

COSYDEP is the national coalition for advocacy on education in Senegal. They are supported by Education Out Loud to change the fact that Senegalese children are among those in world to benefit the least from education.

Educatiing children

Unfortunately, there is a huge gap between the countries´ international legal commitments to provide universal free and quality education and the reality of ensuring such quality education for all. This is where Civil Society plays a crucial role.

About Education Out Loud
Achieving good quality in education and ensuring access also to marginalized groups has proven to be a challenge in the strive to
Investing in advocacy for learning equity

The success of this new fund tops our wish list for the New Year: it has the potential to spark a 21st century campaign for learning equity - a campaign that re-establishes government and intergovernmental accountability for the right to education; and that inspires citizens, everywhere, to realize their right to learn.

Civil society plays a crucial role in the coronavirus response

Education Out Loud just launched a new call for proposals. This funding will come at a critical time during the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, and will ensure that civil society can continue to play its essential role.

Educatiing children

Developing country governments across the globe have made impressive strides to extend quality education to more of their children. And while these governments are always at the center of those efforts, their job is tougher when they go it alone.