Read how a sector-wide approach to inform planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, is helping the country to provide assistance that emphasizes strengthening national ownership and building a nationally-managed system in education.

Education out Loud is seeking qualified and engaged Regional Learning Partners to support learning and capacity development among civil society coalitions and organizations.

A Rede Nacional da Campanha de Educação para Todos em Cabo Verde - RNCEPT-CV - alcançou o que muitos pregam, mas apenas alguns praticam.

Let’s Talk Education was created to enable a broad debate on education during the pandemic. Now, this widely popular Pakistan podcast is gearing up for it’s post-pandemic second season engaging students and decision makers from all over the country.

In September 2022, Education Out Loud (EOL) organized a three-day regional learning event, gathering all its grantees and strategic partners in the West and Central Africa region.

In Sudan and Somalia, women have traditionally been underprioritized in education. This is now changing with the Arab Campaign for Education for All increasing the role and influence of women in both countries. 

The Cabo Verdean National Education Coalition RNCEPT-CV—has achieved what many preach but few practice: It has made the coalition more inclusive for people with disabilities and their representative organizations

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) approved the extension of the world’s largest education advocacy fund, Education Out Loud. The extension runs through mid-2027 with an additional US$60 million, bringing the total funding to US$133 million.

Education Out Loud is launching a procurement process for an agency that will be providing translation/interpretation services in 2023. The agency must be able to provide translations and virtual interpretations during 2023 into the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.
The portfolio includes a wide number of organizations with language diversity as follows: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.  

A new and powerful tool produced by EOL partner COSYDEP enables citizens and civil society actors in Senegal to better understand budget orientation by the state laying the foundation towards transformative change.