Who we are

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Education Out Loud is a fund for advocacy and social accountability, that supports civil society to be active and influential in shaping education policy to better meet the needs of communities, especially of vulnerable and marginalized populations.

By funding adaptive and learning-oriented practices to strengthen transparency, accountability and civic participation in education, Education Out Loud will support institutionally healthy, sustainable, and creative civil society organizations to be able to effectively advocate for education on behalf of the public interest.

This is what makes Education Out Loud different

Education Out Loud emphasizes learning of grantees and provides each grantee with up to one year of preparation time to analyze their context and build skills, and to develop strategies for monitoring, evaluation and learning before starting implementation.

To strengthen grantees capabilities, Education Out Loud will match them with learning partners to provide mentoring and training.

Education Out Loud also links with Global Partnership for Educations (GPE) Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) by feeding into and drawing from learning networks at global, regional and country levels.

How Education Out Loud contributes to GPE's mission

By financing the work of an informed and active citizenry to advocate for improved education, Education Out Loud, aims to support:

  • Education policies that are responsive to people’s needs
  • Increased political and civic support for education
  • Strong voice from the most marginalized communities
  • Improved, more informed and responsive education sector planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • Good governance of education systems leading to better alignment and better outcomes

Who is managing Education Out Loud?

Education Out Loud is a fund, financed by GPE, managed by Oxfam Denmark and overseen by GPE’s Board of Directors.

Oxfam Denmark is managing Education Out Loud through a global management unit based in Copenhagen, Denmark and four regional units in Africa (Ghana and Uganda), Asia & Pacific (Nepal) and Latin America & Caribbean (Mexico).

Oxfam Denmark will convene independent selection panels to review proposals, ensuring a fair and transparent review process. Oxfam Denmark will also work with learning partners (organizations contracted to support grantees in their learning and development).

The type of activities Education Out Loud funds

Education Out Loud funds activities related to five key areas:

  • Policy Dialogue  - Participation of civil society in education planning, policy dialogue and monitoring processes
  • Public Engagement-  Social mobilization, communications and campaigns supporting education
  • Data and Transparency - Development of tools for accountability and tracking of public education budgets and program implementation
  • Analysis - Research on education challenges and policy implementation
  • Strengthening Civic Capacity - Capacity development and peer learning