What we do

Education Out Loud works with civil society organizations in more than 60 countries in Asia, Pacific, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. Together we push power holders to provide a conducive framework for reaching quality education for all.


  • Intensify Policy Dialogue - ensure participation of civil society in education planning, policy dialogue and monitoring processes.
  • Increase Public Engagement - through social mobilization, communication and campaigns supporting education.
  • Enhance use of Data and Transparency - develop tools for accountability and tracking of public education budgets and program implementation.
  • Build strong Analyzes - support research on education challenges and policy implementation.
  • Strengthen Civic Capacity on education - enable capacity development and peer learning.


For more information, see EDUCATION OUT LOUD AT A GLANCE


Latest news

Woubibox in Burkina Faso and the local observatory of education quality in Senegal are two initiatives from civil society organizations. Read how they work and how GPE’s Education Out Loud and KIX initiatives supported them, with the potential to adapt them in other countries.

In the early days of spring, remnants of snow cover the ground of Arbulag, a rural village in nor

To be a legitimate advocate for marginalized groups, several national education coalitions are working towards being more internally inclusive.

What is currently being done in policy influencing and is it working? Those are the main questions that global learning partners ACER and MDF, as a consortium, will work to answer.

Lack of knowledge of sensory disability in children has left children with this disability behind. With a newly developed guide the student teachers in Cote d'Ivoire are better equipped to spot the affected children.