What we do

Education Out Loud works with civil society organizations in more than 60 countries in Asia, Pacific, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. Together we push power holders to provide a conducive framework for reaching quality education for all.


  • Intensify Policy Dialogue - ensure participation of civil society in education planning, policy dialogue and monitoring processes.
  • Increase Public Engagement - through social mobilization, communication and campaigns supporting education.
  • Enhance use of Data and Transparency - develop tools for accountability and tracking of public education budgets and program implementation.
  • Build strong Analyzes - support research on edu¬cation challenges and policy implementation.
  • Strengthen Civic Capacity on education - enable capacity development and peer learning.



Latest news

In the strive to eliminate gender-based violence in schools, CLADE has launched an initiative to change practices through the communities, building on local evidence, and to understand how gender-based violence is expressed in rural contexts.

Let’s Talk Education was created to enable a broad debate on education during the pandemic. Now, this widely popular Pakistan podcast is gearing up for it’s post-pandemic second season engaging students and decision makers from all over the country.

In September 2022, Education Out Loud (EOL) organized a three-day regional learning event, gathering all its grantees and strategic partners in the West and Central Africa region.

In Sudan and Somalia, women have traditionally been underprioritized in education. This is now changing with the Arab Campaign for Education for All increasing the role and influence of women in both countries. 

The Cabo Verdean National Education Coalition RNCEPT-CV—has achieved what many preach but few practice: It has made the coalition more inclusive for people with disabilities and their representative organizations