What we do

Education Out Loud works with civil society organizations in more than 60 countries in Asia, Pacific, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. Together we push power holders to provide a conducive framework for reaching quality education for all.


  • Intensify Policy Dialogue - ensure participation of civil society in education planning, policy dialogue and monitoring processes.
  • Increase Public Engagement - through social mobilization, communication and campaigns supporting education.
  • Enhance use of Data and Transparency - develop tools for accountability and tracking of public education budgets and program implementation.
  • Build strong Analyzes - support research on edu¬cation challenges and policy implementation.
  • Strengthen Civic Capacity on education - enable capacity development and peer learning.



Latest news

The e!quality project aims to address the paradox of high enrollment rate with low levels of quality and equality in education in Bangladesh. In this video the alliance presents the partners and how they work to create change.

Last year the GPE secretariat launched a Mid Term Review of the Education Out Loud programme to b

In Burundi, Ornella, an 18-year-old girl is struggling to stay in school. Ornella’s father, the only person who could legally register her birth, never did and died before he could provide the necessary administrative documents to his daughter.

Creating broad and active sector dialogue and aligning interests, resources and capabilities require civil society actors to find new ways of working in collaboration and new learning modalities. The following examples show how civil society organizations (CSOs) are seeking to achieve those.

The Education Out Loud Progress Report covering the period 1. July – 31. December 2021 is now available. Read and download it here.