Overall, the country of Chad is marked by a precarious socio-economic and health environment, which is particularly unfavourable to school supply a

Whereas, the aim and requirement of OC1 is to strengthen national civil society commitment in gender-justice education planning, policy development

The two-year project includes activities to strengthen the coalition's operational capacities and database, as well as advocacy activities aimed at

The Support Project for Strengthening Civil Society Influence for Inclusive Quality Basic Education (PARISC) is a joint initiative of the CBO-EFA a

Madagascar has subscribed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. There are large regional disparities in terms of access to education.

This project from the Togolese National Coalition for Education for All (CNT/EPT) is entitled "Gender Responsive and Inclusive Education (GSIE)".

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have led to a restructuring of educational policies in their objectives as well as in their mechanisms.

In the perspective of a continuity and the reinforcement of the assets, the Coalition ASO EFA maintains the same title as the previous phase of the

The participation of civil society and communities is not always guaranteed.

The Cameroon Education For All Network, abbreviated to CEFAN, is the Cameroonian national coalition of civil society organizations in education.