OC1.3: Democratic Republic of Congo

Advocacy and Social Responsibility for Improving Access to Quality Education

This project, led by Coalition Nationale de l’Education Pour Tous (CONEPT RDC) will work to strengthen its efforts to contribute to the development, implementation and monitoring of education policies in order to ensure equitable and inclusive access to quality, gender-sensitive, state-funded education through increased and sustainable national resources. CONEPT RDC will further seek to consolidate the achievements made during the implementation of the Education and Training Sector Strategy "SSEF 2016-2025" and Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) 2016-2025.

To achieve these overall goals, CONEPT RDC will work through three main strategies: 

  1. Between now and 2026, the political dialogue, participation and capacity for engagement of civil society is strengthened to push the government to consolidate the gains and progress made in implementing the SSEF 2016-2025, the SDG4 and the CESA 2016-2025 in terms of access to quality education that is inclusive, gender-sensitive and resilient to the impact of conflicts and disasters in the DRC, in 3 targeted provinces. 
  2. By 2026, policies and reforms related to the SSEF 2016-2025 are monitored with a view to encouraging widespread demand for access to quality education that is inclusive, gender-sensitive and resilient to the impact of conflicts and disasters in the DRC, in 3 target provinces. 
  3. By 2026, the strategic positioning and legitimacy of CONEPT DRC is strengthened as a representative and inclusive group. of civil society and ensure its development across the country, in particular through apprenticeships, in the 3 targeted provinces. 

The project aims to actively involve civil society in the political dialogue on education and thus ensure quality basic education that is equitable, inclusive, resilient, and sensitive to gender equality. In addition to the focus on provinces affected by conflict and disaster to ensure continuity of learning, CONEPT RDC emphasises the link between activities to promote gender equality in education and inclusion.  

By the end of the implementation, the project is expected to achieve the following short-term results:

  • The Coalition, communities and CSOs are more alert, engaged, mobilised and their voices taken into account in sector dialogue on policies and programmes related to access to quality education, learning outcomes, inclusion, gender sensitivity and resilience to the impact of conflict and disasters. 
  • The participation of CONEPT DRC, CSOs and Communities in the spaces dedicated to sectoral dialogue at national and provincial level is consolidated, allowing them to safely include their voices.
  • Policies and reforms relating to SSEF 2016-2025 are monitored and a critical mass of information is made available to decision-makers, citizens and communities.
  • CONEPT DRC is strengthening its strategic positioning and its legitimacy among members and stakeholders and is moving into 6 new provinces.

In order to ensure lasting change, CONEPT RDC has set in place strategies to guarantee the projects sustainability. This entails: 

  • Consolidation of the CVCRP, through a mechanism put in place at territorial/municipal level to enable citizens at grassroots level to follow educational policies at grassroots level. 
  • A consultation framework for civil society actors in the education sector. This is an accountability and advocacy tool, set up in the target provinces, in particular to bring together CSOs to enable them to analyse the education context in their respective provinces and to carry out joint advocacy actions. 


A previous phase of the project was carried out between April 2022 – December 2023. The current project is part of the EOL extension phase of 2024-2026. Read more about the previous phase of the project here.

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Jacques Tshimbalanga Kasanji, jtshibalo2@gmail.com