A loud voice for equitable and inclusive education "NDINKABANDI"

The Burundian education system is evolving in a context that is not conducive to inclusive, equitable and quality education.

Strengthening Civil Society in monitoring Education Governance and policy analysis

The General Objective for this network under Education Out Loud is to contribute to inclusive, equitable, quality education in order to accelerate

One Voice for Inclusive and Quality Education in Cape Verde

Cape Verde has undertaken reforms to progressively improve the functioning of the education system and the quality of services provided to children

Promotion of education for all in lifelong learning framework

The Alliance of CSOs in Tajikistan for Education (ACTE) aims at promoting quality and inclusive education for all in a lifelong learning framework,

Contributing to an inclusive, accessible, efficient and protective education system

Since 2017, Côte d'Ivoire has been implementing its 2016-2025 Ten-Year Education/Training Sector Plan, the ambition of which is to "provide Côte d'

Engagement to realise 12 year compulsory quality education for marginalised groups

The policy of 12-year (primary and secondary level) compulsory education that is free and inclusive in Indonesia is stated in the Ministry of Educa

Innovative Advocacy for the Human Right to Education in El Salvador

This project will contribute to the strengthening of the Family Education Board of the Ministry of Education (MINEDUCYT) of El Salvador, in the des

Independent Monitoring of the Implementation of the Education Programme

Access to quality education remains confronted with multiple problems whose resolution requires the empowerment of civil society through:

Strengthen Tunisian education system to adapt to democratic transitions

The revolution rid Tunisia of a dictatorial regime that abolished any meaningful role for civil society, especially in education.

Government’s adoption of gender-sensitive policies and protection mechanisms

The educational system in Egypt suffers from Lack of Gender-sensitive policies and protection mechanisms capable of eliminating all forms of GBV in