EOL Mid Term Review: Final Report 2022

Global Partnership for Education Secretariat
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Last year the GPE secretariat launched a Mid Term Review of the Education Out Loud programme to be carried out by two external consultants. As grant agent Oxfam Denmark is happy to share the report which has just been released. The review had two objectives:

  • To enable the GPE Board and Secretariat to assess whether Education Out Loud is on track to deliver on its intended objective of civil society participation in education advocacy and inclusive sector dialogue; and
  • To provide evidence for making decisions on the scope and nature of GPE's future support for national and international civil society organizations.

The report comes at a time when 80 EOL grantees are busy implementing their projects funded by EOL grants. It provides evidence that the design is highly relevant in meeting grantee needs and their efforts to promote civil society advocacy in education. The reviewers advises that EOL be extended and offers a series of recommendation to enhance implementation efforts over the remaining period 2022-24. The report also has advice regarding adaptations to inform an EOL extension should GPE decide to continue its support beyond the current funding.

As grant agent Oxfam Denmark considers the review a very solid piece of work with highly valuable findings and recommendations. We look forward to working with grantees, the GPE secretariat and other stakeholders to address the issues raised in the review report. On the GPE website you can also access the GPE Secretariat Management response to the review.

Read or download the report