Civil society organizations across Africa call on leaders to protect public financing for education

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Global Education Summit 2021

One week before the Global Education Summit, taking place on July 28-29 and hosted by the United Kingdom and Kenya, civil society across the African continent have mobilized massively, coming together to sign an Open letter to African Heads of State.

The letter urges leaders to protect domestic public financing for education. The letter is also an endorsement by CSOs of President Kenyatta’s call to action to fellow Heads of State.

Under the leadership of ONE Campaign (Africa), with support from IPNED, GCE and ANCEFA, the letter has been signed by:

  • 82 civil society organizations in 11 countries
  • 14 Members of Parliament from 10 countries
  • 6 artists/talents and
  • 43 individuals.

On behalf of civil society, ONE Campaign met Ruth Kagia, Deputy Chief of Staff to President Uhuru Kenyatta, to present the letter and commend President Kenyatta’s leadership in driving this political momentum. Ms. Kagia welcomed the work of civil society, noting:

Progress has been made in education on the continent, but we need to keep the momentum and bring back education at the center stage.”

There is a need to re-imagine education post-Covid. According to her, two things have been highlighted as critical: to diversify platforms for learning (including digital learning) and to create resilient systems that are inclusive.

Read the open letter.


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