In May, 31 EOL partners working in the HESA region gathered for the very first time for a learning and sharing event in Nairobi - Kenya. "Little did I imagine I was going to learn so much from my peers,” said one of the participants afterwards.

At the May learning event in Nairobi, the partners the partners shared lessons learned from project implementation, interacted in-person, listened to each other, and had key learnings and takeaways from this engagement. We have gathered some of the key takeaways from 10 presenting partners.

The inclusive Education Gala is dedicated to the daredevils of Moldova, people who have courage, who inspire with what they do in the field of education and show us that it is possible for all children to learn.

Established by the Beninese Coalition of Organizations for Education for All (CBO EFA), the Education Observatory is a civil society mechanism whose role is to observe, measure and record changes in the realization of the right to education in a sequential manner.

The e!quality project aims to address the paradox of high enrollment rate with low levels of quality and equality in education in Bangladesh. In this video the alliance presents the partners and how they work to create change.

Last year the GPE secretariat launched a Mid Term Review of the Education Out Loud programme to b

In Burundi, Ornella, an 18-year-old girl is struggling to stay in school. Ornella’s father, the only person who could legally register her birth, never did and died before he could provide the necessary administrative documents to his daughter.

Creating broad and active sector dialogue and aligning interests, resources and capabilities require civil society actors to find new ways of working in collaboration and new learning modalities. The following examples show how civil society organizations (CSOs) are seeking to achieve those.

The CLEAR project seeks to contribute to equitable access to quality basic education for children in deprived areas of Ghana by strengthening transparency and accountability. The target beneficiaries of this intervention are children (especially girls) in deprived areas of Northern Ghana.

GCE and ASPBAE have held an instructive and inspiring Capacity Building Workshop on Civil Society Spotlight Reports for the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2022. It is now available as webinar.