OC3: Transnational alliances

Education Out Loud provides grants to transnational civil society alliances to carry out innovative multi-country advocacy to influence transnational and national policy frameworks. 

Operational Component 3 (OC3) aims to create a stronger global and transnational enabling environment for national civil society advocacy and transparency efforts to:

  • Opening up transnational policy debates to citizen voices and engaging more civic representatives embodying a wider range of opinions and lived realities in transnational spaces;
  • Contributing to the democratization and responsiveness of transnational policymaking;
  • Promoting policy agendas that are more responsive to citizens’ interests as rights holders; and
  • Developing more conducive transnational and regional conditions for relevant national policy setting.

Year Zero grants

Before full implementation grants were granted by Education Out Loud to a number of successful applicants, 19 alliances were chosen under Operational Component 3 to undergo the Year Zero process. Year Zero is part of the Education Out Loud learning agenda and functions as a developmental pathway for the candidates. Over a duration of six months, the candidates are provided with support to build organizational capacity and develop a sound theory of change and learning plan. The six-month period provides Year Zero candidates with a strong foundation, equipping them to develop their final full project proposals. Additionally, the period gives the candidates a chance to test their approaches and initiate relationship-building with key actors. Read more about the last 9 alliances chosen to undergo the Year Zero process here

Full implementation grants

Discover more about the alliances which have received full implementation grants under Operational Component 3 by clicking on the alliances below.  

1. Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage

Vision: A world without child marriage, where girls and women enjoy equal status with boys and men and can reach their full potential. They work to ensure that all girls can stay in school, stay healthy, and have the futures they dream of.

Focus countries: Burkina Faso and Niger

Organizations in the alliance: Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage (lead organization) and partner organizations in Burkina Faso and Niger.

Read a greeting by Girls Not Brides where they introduce themselves and their project.

2. Global Campaign for Education (GCE)

Vision: Create a stronger global and transnational enabling environment for national civil society advocacy and transparency efforts.

Organizations in the alliance: GCE is the main grantee and co-grantees are its regional coalitions the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE), the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE) and the Arab Campaign for Education for All (ACEA).

Read a greeting by GCE where they introduce themselves and their project.

3. The South Asian Assessment Alliance

Vision: To advocate for and create citizen-led assessments that are simple, scalable and sustainable to assess whether children are in school and achieving functional learning levels. They see assssessment as a powerful political tool: if people are able to measure what affects their lives, they are able to represent themselves, and reach across communities, countries and continents to identify, communicate, create constituencies and catalyse change.

Focus countries: Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal

Organizations in the alliance: Street Child (lead organization) and a network of national organisations including IID (Bangladesh), Ashoka (Myanmar) and ASER (Nepal) – with specialist support from the Pratham Education Foundation.

Read a greeting by the alliance where they introduce themselves and their project.

4. The Tax Education Alliance (TaxEd)

Vision: To sustainably increase the domestic financing of public education systems so developing country governments can achieve SDG4.

Focus countries: Nepal, Senegal, and Zambia

Organizations in the alliance: ActionAid (lead organization), the Tax Justice Network (TJN), the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ), and its regional networks – Tax Justice Network Africa (TJN-A) and Tax and Fiscal Justice Asia (TAFJA) – , Education International (EI) – with close practical links with the global education movement - the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and their regional and national coalitions.

Visit the TaxEd Alliance's twitter account. You can also read a greeting by the TaxEd Alliance where they introduce themselves and their project.

5. Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA) and partners

Vision: Implementing a transnational advocacy capacity building project which seeks to develop stronger and more vibrant Early Child Development and Education (ECDE) in southern Africa to make governments more transparent and accountable to their citizens on ECDE issues.

Focus countries: Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Malawi

Organizations in the alliance: ZINECDA (lead organization), the Network for Early Childhood Development of Lesotho (NECDoL), and the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Coalition Malawi.

Read a greeting by ZINECDA where they introduce themselves and the project.