OC1: National Education Coalitions


CSO’s ALERT (Advocacy, Learning, Empowerment and Transparency) for Education Accountability

Partner: National Campaign for Education Nepal (NCE Nepal)
The overall aim of the project is to strengthen civil society, especially in advocating and influencing the development of inclusive and gender responsive education policies in Nepal.

OC2: CSOs working at national level


Civil Society Empowerment for Accountable Education (CSE)

Lead organisation: Karkhana Samuha
The project will equip CSOs to effectively utilize data for civic mobilisation, advocacy, and policy-making to boost transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in Nepal’s education sector.

OC3: Transnational alliances

Nepal, Senegal, Zambia

The Tax and Education Alliance (TaxEd)

Lead organisation: Action Aid International
The TaxEd Alliance is working to ensure adequate domestic financing of education sectors in Nepal, Senegal, and Zambia, and hold duty-bearers accountable to their commitments.