OC1.3: Yemen

Strengthening marginalised groups in Yemen

Marginalised groups in Yemen face significant challenges in accessing education due to poverty, gender discrimination, conflict, and displacement. Many marginalised people do not hold identification documents, some of them because they are first or second-generation immigrants from the Horn of Africa. They are further subject to social exclusion and discrimination due to their origins. Further, women are often more marginalised, with nearly 40 pct. of marginalised women and girls never have attended school.  

The project led by Yemeni Coalition for Education for All (YCEA) will thus work to advocate for the right to education for marginalised groups, and to promote inclusive and gender responsive education policies. The project will target governorates of Sanaa, Taiz, and Aden, which are among the governorates where most marginalised people live. 

The project is a continuation of the previous project period, implemented between April 2022 – December 2023. During this phase, the coalition will work through three main interventions that shall promote inclusive and gender responsive education policies in Yemen: 

  1. Mobilising and training community leaders and government officials on inclusive education. This will increase the awareness of stakeholders about the importance of inclusive education and build their capacity to advocate for it. 

  2. Developing evidence on the benefits of inclusive education. This will provide YCEA with a strong evidence base to support its advocacy efforts. 

  3. Engaging in education sector dialogue with the government and other stakeholders to advocate for inclusive education policies and programmes. This will help build consensus on the need for inclusive education and create a more enabling environment for its implementation. 

By the end of the project phase, YCEA will have contributed to removing barriers to education for marginalised children, such as discrimination and lack of access to schools, providing them with the needed support, specialised teaching and learning materials, and providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to become active citizens and compete in the labour market. 

This will lead to improved learning outcomes, increased access to quality education, and increased opportunities for future employment and participation in society for marginalised and excluded children. 

As the project will build the capacity of marginalised and excluded children to advocate for their right to education, as well as create a more enabling environment for inclusive education in Yemen, the results are expected to be sustained beyond the implementation period. Additionally, the interventions will help to raise awareness of the needs of marginalised and excluded children, which will make it more likely that the government and other stakeholders will continue to support this work. 

An earlier phase of the project was carried out between April 2022 – December 2023. The current project is part of the EOL extension phase of 2024-2026. Read more about the previous phase of the project here

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