OC1.2: Yemen

Improved retention and enrolment of marginalized, refugee and PWD children

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world and the least developed country in the Middle East. Yemen has long suffered from conflict since 2015 and weak governance that has resulted in a humanitarian and economic crisis.

The crisis has also breached into the education system where according to the Education Cluster, February 2021, approximately 8.1 million school-age girls and boys need Education in Emergencies (EiE) assistance across Yemen where 1.65 million are internally displaced children, 1.5 million children are with a disability and minority groups who face challenges in accessing education.

In addition, 171,603 teachers (80 per cent of them male and 20 per cent is female) need support. A total of 2,507 schools were reported to be either destroyed, damaged and/or utilized for non-educational purposes. Conflict and continued disruption of schooling across the country and the fragmentation of the education systems have had a profound impact on the learning and overall cognitive and emotional development of nearly all the 10.1 million school-age boys and girls in Yemen.

The dire situation has been aggravated by COVID-19 health situation, as schools were temporarily closed from mid-March 2020 that has affected the learning of nearly 5.8 million students, many of whom are at risk of not returning to school due to the socio economic impact of COVID-19, especially girls. Another 2.05 million school-age girls and boys are out of school. YCEA proposed the following project to improved access to quality, inclusive education system for vulnerable,marginalized, refugees and People with disablities (PWD ) children in Yemen.

The proposed program built for 2 years of enrolment and retain of marginalized, refugee and PWD children in shchool ocused program in Yemen including system development of education, accountability, capacity building, advocacy and mobilization activities, and case management national system. The program will work towards tangible results that support the following objectives:

  • To contribute to increasing enrollment and retention of vulnerable,marginalized, refugees and PWD children in schools in Yemen by Dec 2023.
  • To strengthen capacity of YCEA and national civil society to engage in education planning, - policy dialogue and monitoring by Dec 2023.

The first phase of the project was implemented in 2020-2021 with support from Education Out Loud of 257.532 USD.

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155.980 USD
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Mohammed Alshaikh, mohammedalshiekh15@gmail.com