Innovative Advocacy for the Human Right to Education in El Salvador

This project will contribute to the strengthening of the Family Education Board of the Ministry of Education (MINEDUCYT) of El Salvador, in the design of the curriculum and technical design of series 1 of the "Family Orientation Programme" at the national level, with a gender perspective and with the participation of various sectors to strengthen the co-responsibility of the family in education.

The project aims to strengthen one of the main priorities of the national education policy, established in the Institutional Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (PEI) of MINEDUCYT, called "Plan Torogoz", establishes the importance of coexistence and culture of peace, in priority number 5: "A school that favours education for coexistence and inclusion and diversity" and takes up the National Policy for Coexistence and Culture of Peace.

Similarly, the intervention aims to consolidate the Salvadoran Network for the Right to Education, strengthening the work of the Human Right to Education, for fair and equitable financing with the participation of various excluded sectors. Incidence in the educational public policy of El Salvador, through the design of the curriculum and technical design of the series 1 of the "Family Orientation Programme" of MINEDUCYT at national level, with the contribution of the integration of the gender perspective, participation of the educational community and of the diverse sectors of the civil society.

Advocacy for fair and equitable funding for education with the continuity of the campaign: "6% Yes, for Education" (permanent campaign promoted by RESALDE), which seeks to call on duty bearers and citizens in general to increase the education budget to 6% of GDP in El Salvador, which is framed to Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG-4) of the 2030 agenda.

Finally, the intervention will provide contributions to the region CAMEXCA and CLADE: From the KIX-LAC space: El Salvador is part of the KIX board, in this sense, the project led by the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education, through the forums of Nicaragua and Honduras (CAMEXCA), with the project focused on "Prevention of gender violence in rural schools";

Therefore, as members of the KIX-LAC board and considering that CLADE is carrying out a joint project with the aforementioned forums, precisely on the prevention of gender violence in educational institutions, this will be a space for exchanges and inter-learning that will be nourished by the project and CLADE.

On the issue of financing, El Salvador will continue with the work of the Observatory of the Monitoring and Financing System promoted by CLADE, which will be linked to the future financing observatory to be promoted by the Global Campaign for Education, and will also incorporate the issue of tax justice as part of the advocacy work of the campaign: "6% Yes, for Education".

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Michael Sambrano,