Learning in Education Out Loud: Why? What? How?

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Download the brochure: Learning in Education Out Loud – Why? What? How? Available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Why work with learning in Education Out Loud?

Strengthening civil society capacity is an end in itself. By embracing learning throughout, the Education Out Loud program adds value and contributes to stronger, more strategic, and relevant, institutionally healthy, and sustainable civil society organisations, coalitions and alliances. This is done to strengthen their influence on the right to public, quality education for all, and strengthen transparency, social accountability, and civil society engagement in education policy dialogue.

A wider aim of Education Out Loud learning efforts is to share lessons from Education Out Loud implementation with the wider education community, contributing knowledge as a global public good to inform practitioners, funders, and country level stakeholders in efforts to improve the inclusiveness, transparency and effectiveness of education sector policy and implementation. Education Out Loud therefore provides a set of learning opportunities and facilities to promote learning throughout.

The brochure is available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.