Call for Translation Agency

Caspar Haarløv
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Call for Translation Agency


Education Out Loud is looking for a translation/interpretation agency for 2023

Education Out Loud is launching a procurement process for an agency that will be providing translation/interpretation services in 2023.

The agency must be able to provide translations and virtual interpretations into the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Education Out Loud has grantees in more than 60 countries located in Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. To guarantee accessibility to different communications and interactions with grantees, Educations Out Loud’s Management Units require frequent services of translations and interpretations for virtual meetings.

The portfolio includes a wide number of organizations with language diversity as follows: English (43), French (21), Spanish (5), Portuguese (5), and Arabic (4).

Please find attached the Terms of reference for procuring an agency to provide translation and virtual interpretation services in 2023.