GPE Knowledge and Innovation Exchange: Call for Expression of Interest - CLOSED

The Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) programme of the Global Partnership for Education
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This call is open to a consortium of KIX representatives (national KIX coordinators, national KIX steering committee, or Local Education Group), typically based in 2-3 different countries (maximum 5 countries). The approved project needs to be signed by all consortium partners and submitted to the KIX EAP hub. At the stage of Expression of Interest only the Consortium Lead needs to sign, but contacts with tentative consortium partners must have taken place. All members of the consortium need to be national organizations with legal registration in 21 KIX EAP countries. The consortium may choose to also invite one additional partner from the Europe, Asia and the Pacific region to join the consortium as an affiliate

Purpose and benefits

The purpose of the peer exchange is to learn from innovative solutions in other countries and share experiences on what has worked and what has not worked, in terms of a particular component of an Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG), funded by GPE, or a component of a school reform program, funded by the government or by any other development partner. Any topic may be selected as long as evidence is provided that the topic constitutes a priority in the participating countries.Furthermore, a knowledge report is produced at the end of regional cooperation grant with the KIX EAP hub countries.

The grant amount is from USD 5,000 up to USD 15,000 and may cover:

  • Honorarium fee(s) for a maximum of three experts - nominated by the consortium - that provide advice, expertise and/or training on the topic; the experts may be national, regional, and/or international experts
  • Costs related to the organisation of workshop/training sessions/meetings
  • Travel, accommodation, per diem to visit each other (provided that the respective COVID-19 regulations allow travel)
  • Printing, translation and editing costs, etc.

The consortium needs to appoint a coordinator who will be remunerated (USD 500/month) to carry out the grant’s coordination and administration.

Please note that government officials may not receive an honorarium!


The duration of the regional cooperation grant is three months. The deadline for submitting the Expression of Interest is February 22. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

All applications must be submitted, in either English, Russian or Arabic, using the online application form.

Please refer to the detailed Call for Expression of Interest for more information about the call.