OC1.2: Philippines

Towards Safe, Inclusive, Equitable and Quality Education for All

The Project ―Strengthening the Capacity of CSOs towards Safe, Inclusive, Equitable and Quality Education for All is a two year capacity and constituency building project to strengthen E-Net Philippines policy advocacy and engagement towards inclusive quality education for all.

It is undertaken to ensure inclusion of marginalized and underrepresented sectors in education policy development and advocacy to effectively influence the government's education policy and programming.

To harness further gains at the national scale and to influence further at the local level policy advocacy and campaign, this project aims to:

  1. To strengthen the E-Net constituency to include marginalized and underrepresented sectors demanding the right to safe, inclusive, equitable, and quality education.
  2. To strengthen citizen's participation inevidence -based policy and budget advocacy
  3. To intensify E-Net's education campaign and advocacy for marginalized and underrepresented sectors for a gender-responsive educational system
  4. To maintain active participation in local, national, regional and global education platforms

The outcomes of this project are expected to contribute to the achievement of

  • Making coalitions more inclusive, whereby E-Net targets to expand membership among marginalized sectors such as Indigenous People, Persons with Disabilities, and Children
  • NEC capacities are increased, whereby E-Net will focus on building its members capacity to facilitate policy and budget advocacy campaigns in national and local levels (provincial, municipal and barangay)
  • Civil society capacities, participation and strategic influence in formal education policy processes have increased in selected countries, whereby E-Net intensifies its campaign and advocacy to address the need of the marginalized groups for safe, inclusive, equitable and quality education, by engaging member organizations and empowering them to produce their evidence-based policy papers and advocacy strategies and influence local policy and decision makers.
  • NECs are active in monitoring and accountability mechanisms of public national education to ensure the delivery of transformative policies and programmes that accelerate access, learning outcomes, and gender equality, leaving no one behind; whereby E-Net continues to monitor realization of budget gains in education, policy wins such as Alternative learning system, country contribution to global commitments such as attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.

E-Net members will be closely involved in the implementation of the activities. At the end of the project, E-Net and its members are expected to have gained adequate skills and capacities to effectively facilitate engagement and campaigns towards safe, inclusive, equitable and quality education.

The first phase of the project was implemented in 2020-2021 with support from Education Out Loud of 233.148 USD.

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256.514 USD
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Alvelyn Joy Berdan, ajberdan29@enetphil.com