Supporting the development of Quality Education in Sudan

Sudan is having more than 42 million population most of them are young at school and university age (8.1 million K-12 students, and 653,000 tertiary level students) hence there is high demand for quality educational services.

The country is facing political crisis and economic downturn which has crippled education finance, teachers instability and limited access to education along with neglected children with disability and children with special needs. The demand for educational programmes is huge in the 18 states of Sudan due to lack of development strategies and imbalance distribution of national wealth that previously led to long civil war in south, west and east Sudan.

The civil society is the corner stone for advocating and fighting for the community rights including education but more lobbying and advocacy is needed to strategise their roles.

This project is aimed towards supporting the development of quality education in Sudan which is witnessing huge deterioration that led to several negative outcomes e.g. high school dropout rate, teachers migration to the Gulf, parents sending their kids to private schools which is not affordable for all, lack of motivation among students and teachers and incompetent schools leaders. In our specific objectives we want to enhance the leadership capacity to ensure that all decisions and policies are aligned towards improving learning situation and positive educational outcomes in favour of the learners and teachers, furthermore we are aiming at increasing the active engagement of SCEFA with MoE at both federal and state levels to promote for educational planning and effective policies therefore building the capacity of SCEFA and its members to effectively take on this role and journey of infleunce is key project intervention.

We noticed that our work with the media in the last phase was so pivotal and successful in disseminating our advocacy messaging and influence both audience and government, thus in this new phase we are going to capitalize more on that and develop it further to tackle issues and advocate for marginalised and disadvantage groups through campaigns, forums and radio programmes.

The school leadership and management is an essential part in this project as we are going to increase the leadership capacity of 300 head teachers to improve learning, school environment and student safety as well as community engagement especially in ensuring more resources are qurantted for school We will work in 10 states across the regions of Sudan to reach out project benefices .e.g. senior leaders, head teachers, teachers, PTAs, journalists and communities.

The chosen states are Khartoum, Gadreif, Kassala, Red Sea, River Nile, North Kordofan, South Kordofan, North Darfur, South Darfur and White Nile. This includes at least four post conflict states to support IDPs and war affected communities. Since we have ambitious targets our strategic approach is to work through partners especially MoEs, Civil societies and local communities to maximize impact and reduce the burden and work load as well as sharing resources.

An earlier phase of the project was implemented in 2020-2021 with support from Education Out Loud.

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Mr. Nagi Mansour Ahmed Ibrahim,