OC1.3: Haiti

Supporting the development of advocacy capacities for a better public education system in Haiti

Recurring problems of insecurity and ongoing crises have grave consequences for all sectors of the country, including the education sector. The difficulties particularly affect the most marginalised and excluded communities, with only 5 pct. of children with disabilities attending school and a lack of gender perspectives in educational programmes. 

Regroupement Education Pour Toutes et Tous (REPT) intends to call for action to demand the respect for the human right to education, and through this project intensify its advocacy efforts at national and local level. This project phase constitutes an extension of the previous phase, implemented between April 2022 – December 2023, and will continue its efforts in six communes of the country.

More specifically, the project aims to:

  1. Provide gender-sensitive evidence to public authorities, to influence them on the status of education issues for local communities and marginalised and excluded groups.
  2. Mobilise local organisations and marginalised groups, excluded from education. 
  3. Strengthen REPT's advocacy of gender-sensitive free public education and its participation in education sector dialogue.

To achieve the overall aims of the project, REPT will conduct a study on the benefits of free and inclusive education with perspectives of gender, marginalisation, and exclusion. REPT will further mobilise coalition members, alliance partners and organisations, as well as set up a programme to support the implementation of advocacy plans and trainings, for local organisations and marginalised groups. As part of the second objective, REPT will conduct a training programme for marginalised and excluded groups in areas of inclusive and gender-sensitive education. Regular follow-up meetings and discussions of advocacy actions will be part of the activities.

To tackle issues related to insecurity and instability, REPT has set up local teams with experienced managers together with a central team, to undertake interventions in the field when circumstances allow. To ease communication, REPT makes extensive use of new communication technologies and social networks. Furthermore, REPT has established good dialogues with local education and municipal authorities, as well as with the Ministry of Education. 
In order to sustain the project results, REPT seeks to develop the capacity to influence and improve educational policies, mechanisms and institutions, both at national and local level. Further, the coalition will participate in the Local Education Group in Haiti, and through meetings and consultations here, REPT will have the opportunity to impact the education system of Haiti.

By the end of the implementation, the project is expected to have contributed to local organisations having a broader social leadership and membership base; enhanced capacities of REPT; and local community organisations and marginalised groups will have the continued capacity to address violations to the right to education and demand changes.

A previous phase of the project was carried out between April 2022 – December 2023. The current project is part of the EOL extension phase of 2024-2026. Read more about the previous phase of the project here.

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390.450 USD
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William Thelusmond, wthelusmond@gmail.com