OC1.2: Angola

Strengthening formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies

Project Angola - Inclusive Education Now - aims to strengthen the social intervention capacity of civil society organisations that are members of the Angolan Network of Education for All (Rede EpT-Angola), namely in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of education policies so that Sustainable Development Goal four (SDG 4) is guaranteed in Angola.

SDG 4 refers to quality, inclusive and equitable education, and is part of the 17 SDGs under the 2030 Agenda. Specifically, the intention is, on the one hand, to promote access to knowledge to 50 local civil society organizations so that they can improve their quality of intervention in the various spaces of public debate and in permanent dialogue with decision makers in public education policies in Angola.

On the other hand, it aims to facilitate access to useful, sufficient and appropriate information for Members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Angola and civil society in general, in order to deepen the national debate on education in Angola.

To this end, lobbying and social advocacy actions will be carried out in favour of the promotion and defence of the right to Education, with emphasis on capacity building seminars, workshops, meetings with education policy decision-makers and Members of the National Assembly, as well as the mobilisation of the media that will always cover all the Project's events.

These events, from bilateral meetings to public conferences, will take place at municipal, provincial and national level.

  • At the municipal level, the interaction of EpT-Net-Angola will be between local/municipal civil society organisations and municipal administrations, namely with the Municipal Education Directorates, which are basically the bodies responsible for implementing public education policies.
  • At the provincial level, the dialogue will be with Provincial Governments with an emphasis on Provincial Education Directorates, which are responsible for monitoring education policies. In addition to this body, at the provincial level, Rede EpT-Angola will liaise with the provincial circles of Members of the National Assembly in general, and with the Members of Parliament who are responsible for the 6th Committee that deals with social affairs.
  • At the national level, EpT-Net-Angola will maintain contact with all relevant institutions so that SDG 4 moves from rhetoric to action. Therefore, at the level of State institutions, EpT-Net-Angola will demand the Members of the National Assembly and the Executive to prioritize the commitment to quality, equitable and inclusive Education in their governance agenda.
  • At the level of non-State institutions, partnerships will be sought with institutions with national and international influence, particularly the different United Nations agencies and other development cooperation institutions, so that together we can guarantee quality, equitable and inclusive education in Angola.
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Vítor Manuel Barbosa, barbosa@netangola.com