OC1.2: Zimbabwe

Strengthen the Education Coalition of Zimbabwe in influencing education policy

The intervention seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Education Coalition of Zimbabwe in influencing education policy dialogue, policy formulation, monitoring implementation and review so as to promote inclusive and equitable quality education.

This is in line with the goal of OC1 which seeks to enhance civil society capacity to further GPE goals in learning, equity, and stronger system by improving the participation of civil society, their efforts to strengthen advocacy and to ensure transparency and increased effectiveness in national education policy and implementation processes.

Through the intervention ECOZI Thematic Committees, Provincial Chapters, and the entire membership, including grassroots members, will be strengthened to engage in education policy dialogue and demand for quality, inclusive and relevant education for all. The proposed initiative is a buildup on the lessons learnt from OC1.

The project will contribute towards attainment of national education goals, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 & 5 and GPE strategic objectives through promoting active participation of civil society organisations in education policy dialogue, media advocacy, parliamentary engagement, and citizen engagement.

The intervention will also support research to build evidence for ECOZI members to effectively advocate for quality, inclusive and equitable education in Zimbabwe. The initiative will create district structures and strengthen Provincial Chapters and Thematic Committees to promote participatory and “bottom up” advocacy and ensure that the government fulfils its promises to the citizens (Learners and parents) for instance fulfilling promises made during the GPE Replenishment Conference and the Dakar Declaration.

The project is guided by the following goal and seeks to fulfill the the goal: Strengthening civil society organisations engagement in Education Sector policy advocacy towards the provision of quality, inclusive and equitable education in Zimbabwe.

The project seeks to achieve the following specific objectives within the two years of implementation:

  1. To strengthen ECOZI in its core function of supporting greater coordination and collaboration across all civil society in the engagement of national education policy setting and monitoring by April 2023.
  2. To promote effective engagement of grassroots civil society and citizens in education policy dialogue by April 2023.
  3. To enhance ECOZI’s participation and influence in national, regional and international education forums related to SDG4 and Global Partnership for Education (GPE) processes by April 2023

The first phase of the project was implemented in 2020-2021 with support from Education Out Loud of 300.000 USD.

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276.630 USD
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Innocent Chimonyo, innocent@ecozi.co.zw