OC1.2: Ghana

Inclusion of Children with Special Needs at the pre-tertiary sector

This project, which is to enhance inclusion and quality education for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) at the pre-tertiary sector in Ghana, seeks to build on progress made over the last decade in the advocacy for accessible, equitable, quality and relevant pre-tertiary education for every Ghanaian child and youth irrespective of their gender, disability, location and economic backgrounds with support from the Civil Society Education Fund, the Global Partnership for Education through the Education Out Loud project in the last year and other partners.

The project design is informed by lessons learnt from previous achievements and failures with the intent of scaling up effective advocacy approaches and sustaining advocacy actions to achieve real impact.

To fulfill its vision and mission using a programmatic and human-rights based approach to sustain advocacy gains, the project focuses broadly on strengthening an inclusive and sustainable education coalition actively involved in national, regional and local policy dialogues on delivering quality pre-tertiary education for all children, particularly for children with special educational needs and girls living in rural areas and urban slums.

It would also actively monitor the accountability mechanisms of the public education system, promoting accountability and transparency in the disbursement of public education resources to drive improvement in teaching and learning outcomes and to establish learning collaboratives´ with other civil society organizations in the education sector to generate lessons learned for institutional strengthening of civil society organisations in education in Ghana.

The project in addition, would stem the trend towards privatization and commercialization of education; reducing disparities in the allocation of educational resources at the basic and secondary levels; improving learning outcomes at the pre-tertiary level and sustainable and efficient financing of public education in line with the Abidjan Principles framework.

These selected advocacy areas are aligned to the Education Strategic Plan (2018-2030), the Africa Union Agenda 2063, the Continental Education Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goal Four (SDG4).

The first phase of the project was implemented in 2020-2021 with support from Education Out Loud of 129.080 USD.

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300.000 USD
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Isaac Awua-Boateng, Isaac.awua-boateng@gnecc.org