OC1.2: Nepal

Empowered Civil Society for Accountable Government

This ‘SABAL' Project (Empowered Civil Society for Accountable Government) aims to empower the civil society organizations so as to strengthen accountability in the public education system.

It specifically intends to enhance the inclusiveness of the coalition so that people from marginalized communities including youths, women, people with disabilities and other marginalized groups are represented in the structure and governance. Also, this has been designed to ensure the institutionalized civil society particiaption in the government led forums and platforms.

It intends to influece local, province and federal governments in their education planning and budgeting to enhance the responsiveness and accountability on fundamentoal right to free and compulsory education. This project also wants to creatively influence on planning, budgeting and implementation.

The innovative and creative influence of CSOs in education policies supports for government forums and platforms be inclusive and participatory. The project also promotes CSOs monitoring mechanisms, tools and techniques in place to track education policies and budget implementation. For this, local civil society organizations will be empowered capacitated for monitoring of the local education system and policies to ensure accountability at the local level.

This project also is to increase accountability of the government in financing education, lobby for increased budget and its efficient and effective use. It also broadens advocacy and outreach of civil society from local to global for the education reformation through networking, partnership and community mobilization to make governments accountable in gender inclusive financing in education.

In addition, this promote incountry and cross country learning among civil societies through participation in local, national, regional and global forums, communication, documentation and exchange. Advocacy, communication, learning materials and community photovoice will be prepared and disseminated at the local level which will ultimately increase the confidence of both local people, CSOs and local government as well as provide the space for further learning.

CSO’s critical and constructive collaboration with the local, province and federal government will be enhanced in the preparation of the systematic, scientific, realistic, measurable as well as achievable education plans and policies.

To realize the aims of the project, the coalition’s strategies include research/evidence-building, advocacy, campaign, lobby, media work, constituency building/strengthening and networking at the local, province, national, regional as well as the global level. It also involves collaboration with marginalized communities such as women, youths, people with disabilities, dalits, ethinic and religious minorities and also with local government.

Also it actively take part in new GPE model country process, LEG, EC, VNR process, SDG4 dialogue, education planning process at the federal level to influce federal policies. Collaboration with ASPBAE, GCE, TaxEd Alliance and other NECs to produce robust researches, spotlight reports, evidences for advocacy and sharing & learning will be engance.

The first phase of the project was implemented in 2020-2021 with support from Education Out Loud of 274.911 USD.

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294.695 USD
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Ram Gaire, ram@ncenepal.org.np