OC1.2: Chad

Commit civil society to the realisation of the right to quality education

Overall, the country of Chad is marked by a precarious socio-economic and health environment, which is particularly unfavourable to school supply and demand. These are all challenges for the socio-economic development of Chad.

In addition to these challenges, school indicators remain very low despite the laudable efforts made by the government and its development partners. For example, the following indicators can be cited Promotion rate: 67.4% of which 66.3% are girls; Completion rate: 44.7% including 36.8% girls Repetition rate: 17.0% including 17.4% girls Drop-out rate: 15.6% of which 16.3% girls Cf. statistics 2019-2020 from the Ministry of National Education and Civic Promotion (MENPC)

However, although education is the foundation of all development, the weakness of school indicators persists in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG4). This inequality is marked by sharp distinctions in gender. In spite of this, only inclusive education based on gender equality remains one of the key levers to fight against poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment.

The present project, in addition to other challenges, will put the package in favour of the schooling of girls and their retention in school, university and vocational training structures. It is in this context that the Project for Strengthening the Commitment of Civil Society for the Realisation of the Right to Quality Education for All is an initiative of the Coalition of Civil Society Organisations for the Development of Education in Chad (COSOCIDE TCHAD).

It is planned to be implemented over a period of two (2) years. The main objective of this project is to contribute to the realisation of the right to quality education for all in Chad. At the specific level, it is to improve the quality and impact of civil society involvement in the education sector.

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100.000 USD
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Djimramadje Djimtibaye, djimramdjedjimtibaye@gmail.com