The Kuyenda project is working to improve rural youth’ right to education in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

The GEAR project is a transnational, multi-layered advocacy project that strengthens inclusive and equitable education systems for girls and young

The Malawi Inclusive Education Advocacy Project (MIEAP) led by Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) aims at addressing the challenge of limited

Worldwide, only half of 3–6-year-olds have access to pre-primary education, and in low-income countries, just one in five children have access to p

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The learning crisis in Southern Africa is worsening and this places a critical mass of the region’s population at risk to critical multi-layered an

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The Pamodzi for Inclusive Education in East Africa is a consortium led by Rays of Hope Ministries, an NGO based in Malawi and its partners: Fount f

The Inclusive Education project aims at addressing the challenge of limited access and retention of children with disabilities and girls in Mzimba

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Implementing a transnational advocacy capacity building project which seeks to develop stronger and vibrant Early Child Development and Education (