TaxEdAlliance is one of five new transnational alliances that have recently been awarded with an EOL grant.

During the school lockdown in Nepal, remote learning was a challenge – especially for students living in hilly areas of the country with poor access to an internet connection. In collaboration with local governments, National Campaign for Education Nepal employed a method of door-to-door students.

Every year, Elimu Yetu plans an annual national education conference in Kenya with up to 300 participants to facilitate dialogue between civil society and policy makers. However, Covid-19 restrictions have forced them to plan differently, and the new format proved to be significantly more inclusive than before.

In February 2021, GPE launched a new online portal for country partners to facilitate a more uniform understanding of how GPE can add value in country-level policy dialogue, sector processes and implementation – both through the GPE as a fund and as a partnership.

While throwing the world into a state of crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has also paved the way for enhanced advocacy for education and improved ability of CSOs to influence national policies.

The first ten civil society organizations (CSOs) selected under Operational Component 2 (OC2) will undergo the Year Zero process where they will receive a portion of funding from Education Out Loud (EOL) and technical support to develop their final project proposals.

Four organizations have been selected for grants from Education Out Loud to support transnational civil society alliances in carrying out innovative multi-country advocacy around education.

In Zimbabwe, the new Education Amendment Act has ensured rights and inclusion of marginalized children in school. But when news of changed policies travel slow, how can you ensure that students are aware of their rights and that schools know how to implement the changes? ECOZI decided to spread awareness by going live on national TV.

For education sectors throughout the world, the difficult and unexpected COVID-19 pandemic put an abrupt stop to usual policy processes and activities. The EOL status report of July 2020 shows that the National Education Coalitions supported by EOL have managed to navigate, adapt, and in some cases utilize the new reality to gain influence on policymaking

As thousands suffer the effects of two big hurricanes that hit Honduras and neighboring countries in November, the national education coalition, Foro Dakar Honduras, is stepping up to deliver emergency aid and support to hard hit communities along the coast.