Call for Expression of Interest to expand and confirm the Learning Partners Pool for Latin America and Caribbean

Education Out Loud
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The Regional Management Unit of Education Out Loud for Latin America and the Caribbean launches a call for expression of interest to expand and confirm the pool of Learning Partners in the region. Click here for spanish version.

Education Out Loud is a fund for advocacy and social accountability that supports civil society to be active, representative, and influential in shaping education policy to better meet the needs of communities, especially of vulnerable and marginalized populations.

EOL has the following 3 objectives which are:

  • Strengthen national civil society engagement in gender responsive education planning, policy development and monitoring.
  • Strengthen civil society roles in promoting the transparency and accountability of national education sector policy and implementation; and
  • Create a stronger global and transnational enabling environment for national civil society advocacy and transparency efforts.

Learning Agenda

EOL has a specific focus and interest on learning and capacity building of grantees in its three operational components, each relating to the three objectives listed above: National Education Coalitions (NECs) funded under Operational Component 1, local and national CSOs funded under Operational Component 2, and CSO transnational alliances under OC3.

Learning is a core implementation strategy in all Operational Components of EOL with a focus on capacity, collaboration, and learning. The Learning Agenda approach aims at supporting grantees in developing organizational, thematic and advocacy competences through capacity building, learning collaboratives and learning and adaptive management to enhance relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of program interventions. As part of the learning agenda, each grantee has developed a learning plan which outlines its learning needs and objectives.

In the EOL architecture, the four Regional Management Units (RMUs) have established pools of learning partners in their respective regions. The RMUs work with grantees and learning partners at the regional level to facilitate appropriate responses to grantees’ learning needs and to support peer learning mechanisms where relevant. This work is continuing and feeds into EOL’s overall learning.

Desired qualifications and competencies

For this specific call for expression of interest to confirm or to be part of the Regional Learning Partners Pool, the desired qualifications and competencies are:

  • Demonstrate solid experience working – in advocacy and/or strengthening - with Civil Society Organizations, including alliances, coalitions, and community-based organizations.
  • Demonstrate strong experience and knowledge of policies, systems, financing, and the education sector in general.
  • Extensive knowledge of the regional context, desirable working experience in Bolivia, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and/or El Salvador.
  • Ability to work in relevant languages for the region: Spanish, French and English.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to work with human-based rights approach, differentiated analysis and gender perspective.
  • Demonstrate experience working in contexts of conflict or fragility.
  • Demonstrate understanding and experience working with training, capacity building and adult education in face-to-face and virtual modalities under adaptive and participatory approaches.
  • Fulfill the requirements established at the home country regarding the emission of invoices and payment of taxes.
  • Not be receiving any other EOL funds as grantee, or GISP-RISP members.

Submission details

Current members of the Regional Learning Partners Pool should only confirm their interest in continuing to be part of the pool by filling out this form.

Applicants will be required to submit a one-time form, as follows:

National and international Civil Society Organizations, academic institutions, social enterprises and similar

Researchers, academics, consultants, and experts

Subsequently, they should send an e-mail to with the following documentation:

  1. Case study with a proposed solution (see Annex 2 in the full version of this call in Spanish).
  2. Curriculum vitae of a maximum of three people involved.
  3. Up to three evidences of recent relevant professional achievements to EOL’s context, which can be reports, videos, photographs, web pages, etc.

The Regional Management Unit based in Mexico held a Q&A session for applicants on Tuesday, November 24th at 10:00 am. (GMT -5, Central Mexico). Watch the recording of the session or download the presentation in Spanish. Any further questions can be directed to

The deadline for submitting applications is January 3rd, 2022, at 23:59 hrs. (GMT -5). The results of the call will be announced via e-mail to the applicants no later than February 15th, 2022.

The selected applicants will be part of the Regional Learning Partners Pool and, depending on budget availability and the grantees learning needs identified, they will be invited to support the Learning Plans during the implementation of the full projects in the 3 operational components (until 2024). The determinations of the results and resolutions of this call will be made by the RMU LAC and will not be subject to appeal.

For any questions or clarifications regarding this call, please write to the following e-mail address: and